Stewarts & Lloyds supply a wide range of Steam, Water, Oil and Gas valves for use in the Agricultural, mining, chemical process, construction, power generation, water, light and general engineering and gas industries.

Valve types

•   Flanged
•   Plain Ended
•   Socketed
•   Screwed
•   Shouldered
•   Weld Ends
•   Wafer Type

Materials for the valve body and seat include Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Glass Filled PTFE and Plastics.

Valves available on request

•   Steam related gate valves
•   Ball and globe valves
•   Peddle valves
•   Pop type relief valves
•   Safety valves
•   Duel filter valves
•   Control valves
•   Balancing valves
•   Pinch valves
•   Bucket trap valves
•   Angle feed check valves
•   Parallel slide hydrant valves